Cape Tours with Mac


What a Fabulous Experience getting up close to these Incredible Creatures and joining them in the water or even just being on the boat to view this predator which is on top of the food chain and has few threats in the ocean however presently in SA Orcas have been killing Great Whites for their Liver which can be 60kg of protein , larger sharks and Man can pose a great risk to them with Illegal Hunting and Overfishing putting them on the endangered Species list. The Adrenaline pumps when in the Water but even just to be on the boat and see the Great Whites up close is Amazing.  

Some Interesting Facts about Great White Sharks , they are often found in cool waters near the shore , they are the largest predatory fish on the planet (fish that eat other fish and animals). They range between 4.5 and 6 m in length , can swim at 60k per hour , named after their grey colour with white underbelly , host a mouth full of 300 triangular shaped sharp teeth in 7 rows. They do not like the taste of Human Flesh and the 5-10 annual attacks tend to be more out of curiosity being in the wrong place at the wrong time They like Fish , Rays , Seals and Sea Lions. Their sense of smell is so great they can smell a Seal Colony 2 miles away and a single drop of blood in 100 litres of water. They surprise their prey coming from below hitting their prey before Breaching out of the water returning to the depths with meal in mouth. They give birth to between 2 and 10 pups but show them No care and have been known to eat their pups which usually swim off on their own.